Snow Business

Labadini Corporation’s tireless attention to detail makes us your best choice for snow maintenance.  Our large staff will work around the clock to ensure that your commercial property is safe for your customers and employees.  Our fleet of snow plows, sanders, and heavy equipment operated by dedicated employees can handle parking lots and walkways of any size.

Some of our current customers are:

  • Normandy Real Estate, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • The Maggiore Companies, Woburn, Massachusetts
  • Embassy Suites Hotel, Marlboro, Massachusetts
  • Applebriar Apartments, Marlboro, Massachusetts
  • Gatehouse Properties, Mansfield, Massachusetts
  • Capital Group Properties, Southborough, Massachusetts      
  • Olive Garden, Marlboro, Massachusetts


After the biggest storm of the winter of 2007 the property manager of Normandy Real Estate in Marlboro said, “You did a fantastic job with the snow storm and we would be crazy to ever let you go.”  We maintain a seven building corporate center with over one million square feet of first class office space for Normandy.

Normandy Real Estate


I'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback on the plowing and shoveling service this past week.

As you know, we had another big and, I think, generally unexpected storm this past Monday.  Because of traffic, I did not arrive at the Felton Street building until after 9:00 AM, but there was a truck already onsite when I arrived, busily plowing, and two shovelers also working.  When I asked the gentleman in the truck to please plow the entrance to the lower lot (my vehicle slipped quite a bit when I entered) he was pleasant and accommodating, and went right over to respond to my request.  The shovelers also worked diligently throughout the worst of the storm, keeping the walks clear.  We did have to remind them to shovel the walks behind the building, but they responded quickly to this request as well.

When I arrived at work on Tuesday morning, the rest of the snow had already been plowed from the parking areas, and the walks were clean.  After this morning's snow as well, when I arrived the lot was already sanded and the walks were clean.
I just wanted to say thanks for being attentive to this property.  You've obviously responded to our needs, and things seem to be going very well.

Operations Manager
Workscape, Inc. Marlborough, MA  01752

Snow Plow